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Terahertz (THz) waves, also known as T-Waves, T-rays, or submilimetric waves are the name given to electromagnetic waves in the frequency band of about 0.1 to 10 THz. This frequency band is located right between the more well-known bands of microwaves and infrared radiation.
It has remained unexploited until very recently due to the lack of practical devices for generation and detection. However, the situation has changed and das-Nano can bring their advantages to your industry.

T-waves properties
What is so special about THz waves? Its distinguishing feature is its ability to penetrate through most dielectric materials (such as plastics, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, insulators, textiles or wood), which opens a world of possibilities for non-destructive inspection (NDT). At the same time, many materials present identifiable frequency fingerprints at THz frequencies that may allow for identification and quantification of materials. These two features of THz features combined introduce a new way of seeing what was not visible before. Due to its low photon energy, it does not cause ionization, it is completely safe and does not modify the inspected item. das-Nano is harnessing the power of THz waves to bring brand-new applications to the industry.

Pharmaceutical industry
The properties of THz waves suit perfectly many of the needs for product testing and research in the pharmaceutical industry. On one hand, THz waves can be used in the inspection of solid dosage forms, enabling the contactless and non-destructive measurement of thicknesses of several layers of coatings, as well as the detection of intra-tablet defects. On the other hand, many pharmaceutical compounds have identifiable features in the THz band, which allows for identification and quantification of substances, being particularly useful for the identification of polymorphisms and co-crystals. Das-nano has developed its own proprietary algorithms and systems for the industry.

Automotive industry
The penetrating property of THz waves permits the measurement of the thickness of all the paint layers in a vehicle, without contact. das-Nano has obtained the topography of the complete painting scheme of a car, offering a unique tool for the cost optimization and the demanding quality requirements of the car manufacturers

THz waves give the ability to see the internal structure of a dielectric material, and are therefore ideal for the inspection of plastics. The thickness of layers and the presence of internal defects can be determined, without the need for ionizing methods, like X-ray or gamma-Ray.

THz waves have already revealed the mysteries of the greatest painters in history. Hidden signatures, layers underneath, brushstrokes and features can now be uncovered and shown to the world, in a contactless, non-damaging way. Lead Paints (not even trespassed by X-Rays), can be now analized thanks to the T-wave power.